Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nuts for NEON

Nanette Lepore, New York Magazine
It’s no secret that I often look to fashion for inspiration - I love the challenge of transforming a runway look into an inspired interior. This season I’ve been dying to incorporate the latest trend in style - NEON into my design repertoire.

I decided to create a chic pool house! Like I’m sure you do, I’ve got summer on my mind and can’t seem to kick the idea of creating a glamorous oasis in my own backyard (you’ll remember I designed the pool house at the 2011 Hamptons Decorator Show House).
I hope this slightly fantastical space makes you feel rejuvenated and inspired.

My Mood Board

Far sofa upholstered in Duralee Designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd Textiles: Pulse

Here are a  few takeaways for you design lovers ...

Mix Tones and Textures:  In this space, I made raffia and grass cloth work with bold, shiny, neon hues.

Find Inspiration in Unexpected Places: The show-stopper here is the design on the far wall of my pool house created by layering neon orange, pink and yellow duct tape in a zig- zag pattern. Look for design elements at your local hardware and craft stores. 

Give Something Old a New Face: Take your tables and chairs to your local auto body shop and have them powder coated or spray painted with a bright new color for a fresh and fabulous look.

Check out my facebook page for photos of the event!

It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. 
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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