Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

It’s a New Year and time for a new outlook on your old surroundings. We all have those staple pieces in our homes that we can’t live without, but they seem so tiresome….Here are some of my helpful tips for re-inventing the ordinary.

BORING BOOKSHELVES? Tip: Spice them up by taking some foam core and cut so it fits snug to the back of your bookshelf. Then using some spray-mount and a fabric or wallpaper of your choice, simply stick and push to the back of the shelf. Simple, Chic, & Removable!

LEFT OVER WALLPAPER? Tip: Change the appearance of several surfaces, coffee table, side table, etc. by taking left-over wallpaper from the bookshelves and cutting it to size to fit the top. Then place glass over top to finish. (Wallpaper can also make a nice runner on your dining table too) Instantly Refreshed!

TIRED OF AN EVERYDAY CONSOLE TABLE? Tip: Cover the top in faux leather and line the perimeter of the piece with nail-heads. Now you have a custom table without paying that custom price.

DULL CHAIRS? Tip: Don’t spend hundreds to re-upholster or refinish….Buy a can of high-gloss spray paint in a bold color and spray the frame of an old chair, leaving the neutral fabric. Now you have a chair that’s become a true statement piece, and don’t be afraid to use a bright orange or hot pink….The color will excite you & energize the space!

RIBBON TO THE RESCUE! Tip: A Color Story can be expressed by the addition of some grosgrain ribbon to a simple lamp shade. As a matter of fact, Ribbon can transform more than your lamp shades…An ordinary bench can be lined with ribbon and nail-heads, add dimension to a room by lining the perimeter, chair backs, drapery edges & more!

Here's a couple Tips you didn't get to see....
EXPENSIVE ART….YIKES! Tip: Make your own! Eileen often buys stacks of construction paper and emulates the work of famous colorists by strategically placing easy designs in like frames. So interesting, memorable, & cheap!

NOT-SO-SPECIAL DESK? Tip: Find a funky fabric, something inspiring that you love and have a slip-cover made to fit over your desk. Depending on your fabric choice this can be done under $200. Ex. Marimekko has great fabrics at very affordable price points. Your desk is sure to be the only one of its kind!

These tips are sure to transform your home from drab & ordinary to fab & extraordinary. As evidence by the LX.TV segment above. I have often said it doesn't have to be expensive to look chic. Great design is everywhere; it's just a matter of training your eye to find it. And a little point in the right direction never hurts!  Thank you again to NBC and the OpenHouse Team: Marni, Adam, & James....Love working with you & I can't wait for the next project!

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci