Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mirror, Mirror.....Reflections on Design

Great mirrors reflect the soul of the house.....That's why I take careful consideration when selecting a mirror because the placement is so critical. Whether it be bringing the outdoors inside or simply reflecting life within....Mirrors can be functional or fashionable.

Art is given a new perspective through reflection in this mirror. Light was such an important element in my Hamptons Showhouse room....What a fabulous custom amplifies and captures that unique light element found only at the East End.

In yet another one of my projects, I choose to incorporate a custom faux-snakeskin mirror as a foil to the hot pink and orange palette used throughout the design scheme.

At first the large scale of this old home was a bit intimidating....However, instead of trying to play down the scale of the soaring space I decided to run with it! By introducing this trio of custom made mirrors the room was instantly pulled together and an intimate feel was created!
And on a much smaller but no less important scale, this convex starburst mirror is the perfect little "jewelry" element for this quaint living space.

How can you have a commercial space like this high-end vintage clothing boutique without mirrors that are equally as fabulous as the items within! I love the flexibility of this floor- standing custom can be easily moved when ever things need to be freshened up!

Everyone and everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of something that is happening inside of us. -Alan Cohen

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Green With Envy....

I never know when it's going to hit me! Whether I am at the reptile house in the Bronx Zoo or a street corner market in Paris.....I find inspiration in the most unusual places! The serpentine lines of this chair, paired with the fabulous GREEN mix of fabrics, brought a piece of the Bronx and Paris to my showhouse in the Hamptons.

From walking to my office in Manhattan to my shop and studio in Huntington.....GREEN inspirations just keep following me everywhere I go! Even a small element, like these custom cushions on a clients kitchen chairs, makes such a bold impact within the neutral framework.

I loved incorporating theses beautiful natural GREEN touches on my tabletop design for a House & Garden Event. Eco-Chic at its best for sure!

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."-Shakespeare

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer....

Always keep a sense of whimsy in the forefront of your design scheme....There is nothing worse than someone that takes themselves too seriously when putting together a room! This piece does just that! The unexpected round frame and large scale make this puppy come to life. In this vignette, found in my shop, I've incorporated faux-animal print pillows on the accompanying sofa. Although the palette remains neutral an element of fun still shines through loud and clear!

The Zebra print carpet is a great way to transform a traditional landscape into a modern oasis! Its playful edge is just enough to wow people when they walk through the door, but not overwhelm them! I even chose to use it running up my front stairs....It's the first thing you see when you enter my home and it says "welcome!"

My shop stylist Lois recently revamped one of my window stories. I love her use of these versatile Duralee ottomans upholstered in a faux-snakeskin, trimmed out with nickel nail heads. This cohesive look sets the stage for a fabulous vintage glass & Lucite table and the mid-century modern chair, which are all tied together by a fun faux-cowhide rug! I love this look....whimsical, playful, & perfect!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Color Me Happy With Wallpaper!

One of my favorite tricks for brightening up a space is achieved by taking a piece of MDF and covering it with a striking wallpaper. To finish the look, I add molding around the edges to give the wallpaper a framed finish. Many of my clients fall in love with these dramatic and enticing papers but are hesitant to use them on their walls. This is a great way to ease these fun prints into your home without the permanence of actually wallpapering.

Another way to incorporate exciting wallpapers into a space is to pick a focal point to be highlighted. I often find that choosing one wall or designated area for the wallpaper helps it to shine. In the EKB Shop, I emphasized the fireplace with this Designer's Guild floral print which compliments the lavender and purple wall colors. This space now draws your eye immediately, adding interest and depth to the room.

Now, if you are that rare individual who isn't afraid of bold patterns and colors.....completely wallpapering a space can make a small room majorly POP! This is my personal powder room at the Shop and every time I walk in I'm instantly inspired! If you do decide to use artwork in a space like this, it must be graphic and simple. Don't let it fight with the wallpaper for attention!

Everyone always forgets the ceiling....But why not take advantage of this great space and wallpaper it! In my new showhouse, I used a very subdued shade and pattern of wallpaper to further enhance the light airiness of the room. It really added an extra level of completeness to the space....And why should you leave any corner of a room undesigned? Wallpapers have come along way over the years and it's time to start embracing them into our homes and lives!