Thursday, May 3, 2012

Passionate for Purple

Knowing my love of color you'd think it would be difficult for me to choose a favorite, but anyone who is familiar with my work knows that my passion for purple rises above all others! The color in itself can be moody and romantic, flirty and feminine, playful and daring or regal and bold all depending on the hue you choose. From amethyst to aubergine, eggplant, violet, magenta and everything in between, the color is so multi-faceted it deserved  to be featured throughout the month of May. Here are some great color combos and purple places I'm passionate for!

** Purple and green  are a natural combination!

Lavender drapes with olive cushions
Miles Redd/House Beautiful

Pat Healing/House Beautiful

I love how these purple pillows add pop to serene seafoam green.

Ana Cordeiro/VT Interiors

  ** Lavender, egglplant or magenta and orange are exciting and unexpected together!

A new take on a child's bedroom!

Kelly Wearstler

Eggplant chair with kumquat sofa

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

** Paired with neutrals, violets and periwinkles are pretty and powerful!

A throw blanket goes a long way in this family room.

House Beautiful

John Saladino/Veranda

Caitlin Creer

William Waldron Photography

** Trust your color wheel - opposing colors are always complimentary like yellow and purple!

purple walls, lamp shade and chair with yellow table

Duralee Designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd Textiles amethyst animal print on chairs

 "... I'm very loyal to my colors. I love violet." --Elizabeth Taylor

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