Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashion forward illuminations by Mottega

This past week I attended the Architectural Digest Home Show.......as always it's a blast to see what's new and hot for the up coming season.  Another treat was catching up with my dear friend Mark Moussa.  As the creator of the Mottega line his vignette was stunning with fashion forward colors.  Their stepping out color is an eye popping orange that commands your attention.  It makes such a statement....it's a color you see everywhere you look now....it works in any setting from traditional to transitional into modern. 
As the color influencer for the line I was overwhelmed with joy to see them in person......I worked with Mark and the team to get the right hue for each of the 9 colors develop.  They translated beautifully and seeing the vignette full of color was a feast for my color crave.

The idea that you can create your own lamp is so innovative.  As a designer, I can't stress how hard it is sometimes to find the perfect light fixture.  As one of the finishing touches for a room, finding a lamp that's the right size, color, and proportion are just as vital as selecting any other piece for the room.  Navigating through the mottega site allows you to become the designer......you can easily create a lamp from head to toe within minutes and have it within two weeks....it is fast, convenient, and simple.      

A bonus on the site is their monthly win a custom mottega lamp.  Make sure to check out the site and register.  Best wishes!  

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Bessie A. Stanley


Linda Leyble said...

Love your color choices Eileen! They go beautifully with the type of colorful interiors you create!

Linda Leyble said...

I just saw your tweet that you are in a band. Me too! I guess that the creative, artistic gene just travels from art to music.

Just wanted to tell you I saw one of your rooms in a weird blog/website - that had very bad English. I am sure that you didn't want it published there. Just thought I would let you know. Here's the link..


Linda Leyble