Friday, March 4, 2011

Live from Martha Stewart Living Radio

I was recently invited back to join Betsy Karetnick and Kim Fernandez, the hosts of Martha Stewart Living Radio, to speak about "Good Ideas for the Bedroom".  Having met with both of them before, it's always a pleasure to get behind the headphones and chit chat.  Being on the radio show is a wonderful outlet to express my ideas about Interior Design.
The topic discussed was all about making your bedroom more inviting for relaxation.  We spoke about de-cluttering.  Take a good look at your space and let go-the things that are unnecessary.  Store the TV in the armoire or take it out completely to allow for communication to flow more freely between you and your partner.  Other things to store away are your laptops and phones.....I know this can be tough but give yourself a little escape from the chaos of life to get reenergized.        

Another great piece of advice is to add a piece of artwork or image that uplifts your spirit.  Look for things that will inspire and ignite you first thing in the morning and as you lay down for bed.  Don't forget to treat yourself with good high quality sheets, we spend so much time in bed.....almost 1/3 of our lives....we deserve to be comfortable!  And lastly add a little know I couldn't leave without talking about color.  Whether you are starting with a blank canvas or the room is fully furnished, look to see how you can pop in some color.  Reach for what attracts your senses.....or be bold and try something new.  A simple accessories can do just the trick.  Best wishes as you tackle to get your bedroom into relax mode.  A huge thank you to the crew at Martha Stewart Living Radio for having me on again.

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.  ~Spanish Proverb

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