Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot off the press!

Hot off the press my first ever fabric collection......the Eileen Kathryn Boyd fabric books are exciting!  My design firm just received a package from Duralee with my new logo featured on the box.  It's been so surreal to see this labor of love finally materialize into fruition.........a year in the making...... someone please pinch me.  Such pride, happiness, and love went into developing these fabrics.....starting with the concept and design, to the hand and feel to the colors-it's been a journey that I will never forget.  

After being approach by Duralee with the idea of creating a line of fabrics I was on cloud nine.  As an Interior Designer this is what one strives for......Dorothy Draper-watch out!  Just kidding, as a fan of her work this iconic innovator set the precedent of grand style in the design world.

Working with Duralee has been nothing less than exhilarating....creatively allowing me to express my love of color.  The collaboration with Duralee's talented team gave me the freedom to express my love of fashion, art, and nature while developing these five fabric books. 

So stop by the studio and see the endless possibilities of colors 
you can pop into your home.  
"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risk, 
breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun"
by Mary Lou Cook

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Rachel said...

Hi Eileen! I am a textile desinger, and have been very inspired by your work. I came across it at the fabric showroom that I currently work for. I have a passion for interior design and furniture and my dream has always been to create my own line of fabrics Fir home furnishings that were colorful, and not run of the mill. I hope to someday find your success. What a dream come true to design for Duralee! Congrats =)