Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's Your Color Story?

The EKB Look.......unexpected color stories that are sophisticated and stylish. I translate traditional and modern styling, with classic and vintage design, and weaving them together creates an intriguing visual story.
I love how this color story incorporates so many natural elements...the sky blues, grass greens, and earthy textures all working in perfect harmony!
Crisp black and whites, striking graphics, always a light-hearted splash of PETA-friendly animal print, and a fashion forward pop of sexy hot pink....are sure to satisfy the tastes of a young, sophisticated family.
This design project has a serious WOW factor, yet remains inviting and easy to come home to! I would like to think that all my projects have that level of depth as well as livability....What good is design if you can't live and grow in it?


Cara said...

I love this look!

kay* said...

the 2nd look is my look exactly. creamy white, black, and hot pink! i'm also planning on incorporating woods and gold metal as well as grey. love the picture you shown!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I always love a touch of animal print. I think if done correctly it really makes a room.

Beautiful color stories.