Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flower Power

For me, inspiration often comes from Mother Nature's unique color stories. She hits me on the way into my shop with gorgeous lavender-mist petunias spilling out of their flower boxes.

I love being surrounded by the soft whimsy of hydrangeas... which are usually scattered throughout my home and the EKB Shop!

And the most exciting part of working with beautiful fabrics, like those from Romo, is that they can be enjoyed all year long! The patterns are intriguing and unexpected because of their magnificent scale and vibrant hues....I'm even incorporating them into my own home to freshen things up.

For my most recent Designer Showhouse, I came up with my color concept from a vintage shirt I basically lived in while studying in Paris. I replicated the image on a canvas and used it as my starting point for all other color selections in the room!

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