Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Light Up Your Life!!

Here in Nantucket my favorite time of day is just before sunset....It's calming and serene and just magical! It has proved to be my best time for reflecting and organizing my creative thoughts. Part of the reason I love sunset has to do with the lighting and how it affects the play of colors on one another.

I designed the interior for this high-end vintage clothing boutique, but the project just wasn't complete until I added this dramatic, customized chandelier. By introducing this sexy fixture, complimented by the added sheer shade, an element of glamour was established and center stage was created.

All aspects of lighting were taken into consideration while updating this quaint Tudor home. In the dining room both natural and enhanced lighting interplay with one another. The balance between streaming sunshine from the garden beyond and the flattering glow radiating from the chandelier and accent lamp, make this the perfect setting for intimate dinner parties! The reflection of light from both the mirror and the metallic finish on the side-board offer an extension of light and airy perspective into the room.