Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sunny Side of the Street

I figured this dreary fall day was a good time to continue with my color series and talk about the color that always makes me feel happy…YELLOW. This sunny color is one that I’ve been using lately in my design schemes as a “highlighter”. It perks up the more subdued neutral that has been one of my go-to colors for a while now-gray. Yellow can be a bit tricky-not too warm as it may read as gold and not too cool as it may turn to that acidy-greenish yellow that can be as unflattering in interiors as it is in fashion.This yellow stunner from the runway would send whoever walked the red carpet in it straight to the top of the best-dressed list.
And why do you think those iconic rain slickers come in yellow? Gotta be because they’re one of the bright spots on a stormy day.
This intriguing door system in yellow really grabbed my attention. It turns an industrial look into a chic design statement.
I credit the yellow I used in this designer showhouse in part with helping me land the cover of Traditional Home. The estate venue was limiting for many of the designers because of all the dark wood that had to remain untouched. Luckily I had free-reign and knew that my room would feel like a ray of sunshine.

"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun." -Picasso


Karen Slate said...

Hi Eileen,

It was nice to meet you in High Point at the HOUSE BEAUTIFUL market party. I was one of the photographers for the event.
Your work is absolutely beautiful!

Kerry said...

Hi Eileen,

I copied and saved a photo of your shop because I fell in love with the purple/eggplant color. I just browsed your Website and found that you have this blog (fantastic!) where I came across the same color (?) in your
showroom. Is there any way I could get the name?

Thanks so much

Eileen said...

Isn't that a great color! It's Benjamin Moore's Sleepy Hollow. Thanks for keeping up with my blog.

ashlina @ secrets of domestic bliss said...

i am loving your color posts, and having a blast reading them...i LOVE color. especially yellow in the home....
its great fun!