Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guide to Looking Good at Home

There’s nothing worse than a well put together woman that walks into her home and completely falls a part amidst utter chaos. Clutter, mayhem, & uninspiring spaces are definitely not reflecting who she is to the outside world.
My purpose in life is to consistently create unforgettable retreats that people can look & feel good in...Allowing those outward appearances to match what’s inside.
So many of my clients come to me and simply say, "Eileen, I just don't feel good in my house...I don't know where to start!" So I have come up with some great tips for implementing some unexpected fashionable elements that are sure to leave any home dressed at a moments notice. (And the best part is…everything is affordable)
· Infusing life & fashion through a bold COLOR STORY…..the cheapest way of completely transforming the look & feel of any space is to surround yourself in colors you love and are physically drawn to….These are colors that will naturally compliment you. So don’t be afraid to use them! Start with an accent wall or just the background of bookcases for an unexpected pop. Instantly adding depth of interest.

· Edit & Accessorize what you already have…..Be a practical stager and create vignettes with your books and sentimental items. Arrange your books in a sculptural style or by color groupings. These added touches paired with a great Color Story will effortlessly turn clutter into couture- inspired.

· Architecture is but a RIBBON away…..The best trick for adding dimension and the appearance of moldings is by outlining the perimeter of a space with a colorful grosgrain ribbon. If you really want to add glamour you could re-outline the grosgrain with silver Mylar tape and nail-heads. This project will cost under $100…Cheap is the new chic!
· Create your own Art Collection…..I absolutely love a fabulous wall of art! To avoid a mish-mosh of unrelated pieces and provide some consistency, try using all the same frames. By using simple & sophisticated frames the artwork can really shine in the room. To add a cohesive element, try keeping the art inside consistent as well…..Perhaps your children’s artwork or just black & white images.

Implementing these elements throughout your home will instantly provide a pulled-together thread that will echo in every room. It’s time that your home reflects who you are …..So let yourself look good in it! For more information please refer to my website,
“Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is Love, enjoy it!” -Sir Sathya Sai Baba
Photography by Steve Files


Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Great blog and amazing interiors! :)

Ezequiel Brojakowski said...

Is that your home, Eileen? You know what, people should really thank interior designers like you! When one wants to renovate his or her home, you're just a call or click away. Well, it might be sad to see the houses you designed go to someone else. But that's another job, right? Hehe.